Pool Results



2016 Assessments: (Willow Island, Greenup, Cannelton) Download
2015 Assessments: (Montgomery, Racine, John T. Meyers) Download
2014 Assessments: (Belleville, Markland, McAlpine, Olmsted) Download
2013 Assessments: (Dashields, Hannibal, R.C. Byrd, Smithland) Download
2012 Assessments: (Emsworth, Meldahl, Pike Island, Newburgh) Download
2011 Assessments: (New Cumberland, Willow Island, Greenup, Cannelton) Download
2010 Assessments: (Montgomery, Racine, John T. Myers) Download
2009 Assessments: (Belleville, Markland, McAlpine, Open Waters) Download
2008 Assessments: (Dashields, Hannibal, RC Byrd, Smithland) Download
2007 Assessments: (Cannelton, Emsworth, Meldahl, Newburgh, Pike Island) Download
2006 Assessments: (Greenup, Montgomery, Willow Island) Download
2005 Assessments: (New Cumberland, Racine, Markland, John T. Myers) Download
2004 Assessments: (New Cumberland, Racine, Markland, John T. Myers) Download
2016: Willow Island Pool Download
2016: Greenup Pool Download
2016: Cannelton Pool Download
2015: John T. Myers - Evansville, IN and Henderson, KY Download
2015: Montgomery - Alliquippa, PA Download
2015: Racine - Ravenswood, WV Download
2014: Belleville - Marietta, OH and Parkersburg, WV Download
2014: Olmsted - Paducah, KY Download
2014: Markland - Cincinnati, OH and Lawrenceburg, IN Download
2013: Hannibal - Wheeling, WV Download
2013: Robert C. Byrd - Point Pleasant, WV and Gallipolis, OH Download
2013: Dashields - Just downstream of Pittsburgh, PA Download
2013: Smithland - Shawnee Town, IL and Golconda, IL Download
2012: Meldahl - Portsmouth, OH and Maysville, KY Download
2012: Emsworth - Confluence of the Allegheny and Monongahela rivers Download
2012: Newburgh - Tell City, IN and Owensboro, KY Download
2012: Pike Island - Steubenville, OH Download
2011: Greenup - Huntington, WV and Ashland, KY Download
2011: Willow Island - St. Marys, WV Download
2010: Cannelton - West Point, KY Download
2010: New Cumberland - East Liverpool, OH Download