Mercury BAF Study

ORSANCO is currently engaged in two special studies of mercury.  The first study, on the mainstem of the Ohio River, is to evaluate concentrations of mercury in the Ohio River and its bioaccumulation in fish.  Mercury water samples are or have been collected monthly at three Ohio River locations for one year and compared to mercury levels in fish tissue.  Results of the study may provide information on changes in mercury concentrations seasonally and with flow, ratios of total mercury to methyl mercury in fish, and methylmercury bioaccumulation rates in fish tissue resulting from water concentrations in the Ohio River.  The other study is a survey of mercury in major tributaries to the Ohio River.  Monthly mercury samples are being collected from the fourteen largest tributaries to the Ohio River for one year.  Results of the study will provide information on the amount of mercury in the Ohio River being input from its major tributaries, as well as information on changes in seasonal and flow variability in mercury from these tributaries.

Data will be posted to the ORSANCO website when available.  For more information, please contact Sam Dinkins.