Seasonal Biologist


The Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO) is seeking candidates to fill full-time, Seasonal Biologist positions for the 2024 field season. ORSANCO is an interstate water pollution control agency based in Cincinnati, Ohio that monitors the water quality of the Ohio River. The primary focus of the position will be to assist in data collection following ORSANCO standard operating procedures, field reconnaissance, data handling and QAQC, logistics, equipment maintenance, and agency representation. Seasonal Biologists will operate as part of a team collecting fish, macroinvertebrate, abiotic habitat, and water quality data along the Ohio River and its major tributaries from Pittsburgh, PA to Cairo, IL. Additionally, Seasonal Biologists will operate throughout the Ohio River Basin as part of larger Federal and State initiatives. Seasonal Biologists work in direct partnership with and under supervision of ORSANCO Aquatic Biologists and Environmental Scientists to carry out ORSANCO Biological Program objectives.


Applicants must possess a Bachelor’s degree in biology, environmental science, or a related field.

General knowledge of aquatic systems, ecology and water quality preferred.

Applicants must possess and maintain a clean driving record. Trailer towing experience preferred.

Familiarity and proficiency with watercraft preferred.

Ability to work within a team during long hours in inclement conditions.

Ability to travel Monday-Friday from May 15 – October 31, 2024 (team members will not travel all weeks within the employment timeframe, but must be available to do so). All travel expenses paid by ORSANCO.

Applicants must possess strong written and oral communications skills and computer proficiency - Microsoft Office suite.

Applicants must possess physical capability / fitness commensurate with duties.

Ability to swim required.

All candidates must agree to adhere to ORSANCO safety guidelines and policies. Contractual staff are expected to perform all work as directed by ORSANCO staff and must comply with all ORSANCO protocols relating to safety and wellness. First aid, CPR, and AED training will be provided.

Instruction To Apply

Please send a cover letter and resume / CV with references by March 15th, 2024 to Rob Tewes, Senior Aquatic Biologist, detailing experience relevant to position requirements listed above.


The Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission (ORSANCO) and Environmental Solutions & Innovations (ESI)

Employment Period

May 15 – October 31, 2024


Ohio River Basin (entire)

Base of Employment

Cincinnati, OH

Salary Range

$16.00 / hour, $24.00 / hour overtime based on a 40 hour workweek. Seasonal Biologists are covered under Ohio Workers Compensation. No healthcare or retirement benefits are included due to the temporary nature of this position.


Apply by April 1st, 2024