Pool Assessments

Nineteen lock and dam structures divide the Ohio River into 20 segments or pools. Each year, the ORSANCO Biological Survey Crews sample fish, macroinvertebrates and water quality parameters in selected pools. Data from these pool surveys is assessed and an assessment is prepared for the selected pools which describes its overall condition. Over the course of several years, each Ohio River pool is assessed multiple times.

These Ohio River pools are named for the lock and dam that is downstream of that pool of water. The assessments that ORSANCO creates are then named after the appropriate Ohio River pool. The assessments are available for download under Files.

A map of the Ohio River locks and dams is provided by the US Army Corp of Engineers, which manages the locks and dams: Ohio River locks and dams.


2019 Assessments (R.C. Byrd, Smithland) Download
2018 Assessments (Emsworth, Pike Island) Download
2017 Assessments (New Cumberland, Newburgh, Meldahl) Download
2016 Assessments: (Willow Island, Greenup, Cannelton) Download
2015 Assessments: (Montgomery, Racine, John T. Meyers) Download
2014 Assessments: (Belleville, Markland, McAlpine, Olmsted) Download
2013 Assessments: (Dashields, Hannibal, R.C. Byrd, Smithland) Download
2012 Assessments: (Emsworth, Meldahl, Pike Island, Newburgh) Download
2011 Assessments: (New Cumberland, Willow Island, Greenup, Cannelton) Download
2010 Assessments: (Montgomery, Racine, John T. Myers) Download
2009 Assessments: (Belleville, Markland, McAlpine, Open Waters) Download
2008 Assessments: (Dashields, Hannibal, RC Byrd, Smithland) Download
2007 Assessments: (Cannelton, Emsworth, Meldahl, Newburgh, Pike Island) Download
2006 Assessments: (Greenup, Montgomery, Willow Island) Download
2005 Assessments: (New Cumberland, Racine, Markland, John T. Myers) Download
2004 Assessments: (New Cumberland, Racine, Markland, John T. Myers) Download
2017: New Cumberland Pool Download
2017: Newburgh Pool Download
2017: Meldahl Pool Download
2016: Willow Island Pool Download
2016: Greenup Pool Download
2016: Cannelton Pool Download
2015: John T. Myers Pool Download
2015: Montgomery Pool Download
2015: Racine Pool Download
2014: Belleville Pool Download
2014: Olmsted Pool Download
2014: Markland Pool Download
2013: Hannibal Pool Download
2013: Robert C. Byrd Pool Download
2013: Dashields Pool Download
2013: Smithland Pool Download
2012: Meldahl Pool Download
2012: Emsworth Pool Download
2012: Newburgh Pool Download
2012: Pike Island Pool Download
2011: Greenup Pool Download
2011: Willow Island Pool Download
2010: Cannelton Pool Download
2010: New Cumberland Pool Download