Algae Data

From 2000-2013 samples were collected from ten locations (later seven) twice per month. Analysis included Total Phosphorus, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen, Ammonia-Nitrogen and Nitrate/Nitrite-Nitrogen. This information is used in the development of numeric nutrient criteria. Historical data is available from 11 stations.

2015 Ohio River Algal Bloom

From August 2015 to October 2015, the Ohio River experienced an unprecedented harmful algal bloom. During this event, ORSANCO and many agency partners collected water samples at numerous locations to monitor the bloom. The sample results are available here.


Station XLS
West View, PA (ORM 5) 1999-2007 Download
East Liverpool, OH (ORM 40) 1999-2006 Download
Follansbee, WV (ORM 70) 1999-2006 Download
Wheeling, WV (ORM 86) 1999-2007 Download
Huntington, WV (ORM 306) 1999-2007 Download
Ashland, KY (ORM 319) 1999-2006 Download
Maysville, KY (ORM 407) 2000-2001 Download
Ft. Thomas, KY (ORM 462) 1999-2009 Download
Louisville, KY (ORM 600) 1999-2009 Download
Evansville, IN (ORM 791) 1999-2009 Download
Paducah, KY (ORM 935) 1999-2009 Download