River Sweep

Ohio River Sweep

The Ohio River Sweep is the annual, volunteer cleanup that extends the entire length of the Ohio River. Volunteers from the six states, which border the Ohio River, remove litter at multiple locations along the Ohio River and many of its tributaries.

Since 1989, this award-winning cleanup for the Ohio River has been organized by ORSANCO, FORE, and the environmental protection agencies from Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania. The volunteers for the Ohio River Sweep have made tremendous progress cleaning the Ohio River. Yet, litter continues to be a global problem. Volunteers make a positive impact in the entire Ohio River Basin by participating in the Ohio River Sweep.

2021 Mini-Sweeps

The Ohio River Sweep has adapted to the ongoing, coronavirus pandemic. During this pandemic, safety concerns for the Coordinators and Volunteers prohibit the large groups of volunteers that the Ohio River Sweep typically hosts, so the Ohio River Sweep has introduced Mini-Sweeps. Mini-Sweeps provide an opportunity for small groups to make a big impact on waterways in their community. Mini-Sweep participants choose the date and location of their Mini-Sweep and the Ohio River Sweep provides support and supplies to hold a socially-distanced clean-up event.

Mini-Sweeps should be conducted in small groups and allow for social-distancing practices. Mini-Sweeps must be conducted in compliance with current state and local COVID-19 mandates. If you are interested in organizing a Mini-Sweep, view How to Volunteer.