From 2000-2013 samples were collected from ten locations (later seven) twice per month. Analysis included Total Phosphorus, Total Kjeldahl Nitrogen, Ammonia-Nitrogen and Nitrate/Nitrite-Nitrogen. This information is used in the development of numeric nutrient criteria. Historical data is available from 11 stations.

In March 1999, ORSANCO began coordinating an algae monitoring pilot program to address concerns with increased algal blooms and taste and odor problems with Ohio River drinking water. Beginning July 1, 2000, ORSANCO assumed responsibility for the monitoring program and expanded the work to include additional monitoring locations and analyses. Ten water utilities participated in this program (later reduced to seven). Samples were collected twice per month.

For more information on Chlorophyll data, please contact Greg Youngstrom.

Algae / Nutrients Database – 85+ megabyte Access (.mdb) file