Pollution Control Standards Committee

Committee Description

The Pollution Control Standards Committee is comprised of six or more members with at least one Commissioner from each of the six states bordering the Ohio River, with the Chairman of the Technical Committee, the Executive Director, and Legal Counsel as ex officio non-voting members.

It reviews the Commission’s Pollution Control Standards on a triennial basis and may review specific standards as needed.

It reports its findings to the Commission and recommends actions pursuant to Article VI of the Compact.

The committee meets as necessary to review instances of significant non-compliance with the Compact and the Commission’s Water Pollution Control Standards and provides reports and recommendations to the Commission as appropriate.

At minimum, prior to the regular September Commission meeting each year, the Pollution Control Standards Committee will review an annual Summary report of the previous (fiscal) year’s activities of non-compliance wastewater dischargers and provide recommendations to the Commission for appropriate action.