How To Volunteer

How to Volunteer for Ohio River Sweep

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Ohio River Sweep has introduced a multiple day River Sweep format in many locations and dates throughout the Ohio River Watershed. Multiple events provide an opportunity for small groups to make a big impact on waterways in their community. Participants choose the date and location of their cleanup and the Ohio River Sweep provides support and supplies to hold a socially-distanced event. River Sweep events may occur anytime between March 1 and October 31.

Cleanups should be conducted in small groups and allow for social-distancing practices. They must be conducted in compliance with current state and local COVID-19 mandates. Coordinators will need to:

  1. Select a Date
  2. Select a Location (local parks are often great spots to clean!)
  3. Arrange Trash Disposal (call your local garbage service provider if you have more trash than you can safely carry out yourself)
  4. Recruit Volunteers
  5. Request Supplies
  6. Sign the Waiver
  7. Attend your River Sweep
  8. Send a post River Sweep Report

If you are interested in organizing a  River Sweep cleanup, contact Nick Callahan at 513-231-7719 ext. 102.