Technical Committee

Committee Description

The Technical Committee (TEC) shall serve as the technical arm of the Commission and shall study, discuss and evaluate technical questions of concern or interest to the Commission. It shall be composed of a chairman, who is a Commissioner and who is appointed by the Chairman of the Commission, together with one member from each of the signatory states as designated by the Commissioners of each state; preferably, this person should be an employee of the technical staff serving the state’s water pollution control agency and may or may not be a Commissioner or a proxy of a Commissioner.

The Technical Committee shall also include a member designated by the United States Commissioners to represent federal interests. To provide special scientific or technical input to the committee, up to three additional members, none of whom need be Commissioners or proxies, may be appointed by the Commission Chairman.

The Chief Engineer of the Commission shall be, ex officio, a member of the Technical Committee and the Chairmen of the Public Interest Advisory Committee, Chemical Industry Committee, Power Industry Advisory Committee, Publicly Owned Treatment Works Committee and the Water Users Advisory Committee shall be, ex officio, a non-voting members of the Technical Committee.

The Chairman or an appropriately designated member of any technical subcommittee, any special work group or any advisory committee, formed from time to time pursuant to the provisions of these Bylaws, may be invited by the Chairman of the Technical Committee to attend any meeting at which it is anticipated that matters of particular interest to them may be discussed. Members of the Technical Committee and its subcommittees or work groups may be reimbursed for their expenses incurred in attending meetings authorized by the Technical Committee and approved by the Commission.