Life Below The Water Line

Life Below the Water Line, a traveling freshwater aquarium, is available for public events. The aquarium holds 2,200 gallons of water and Ohio River fish. With two 5′ X10′ viewing areas, this display is designed to demonstrate the diversity of life sustained by the Ohio and the improvements that have been made in water quality.

Due to high demand for the ORSANCO mobile aquarium, it’s recommended that you submit your request for the tank at least six months in advance, although all requests will be considered.  Please note that there is a preference for displays that are two to four days, although longer and shorter events will also be considered.  For availability and price details on renting the aquarium for an upcoming event, please contact Rob Tewes at 513-231-7719.

2019 Life Below the Water Line Schedule

ORSANCO is accepting applications for 2019 Life Below the Waterline appearances. Interested parties are encouraged to submit applications for 2019 as soon as possible.

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Application to Request the Aquarium