Contact Recreation Season Bacteria Monitoring Data

Updates every Friday (April 1st – October 31st): 2020 Bacteria Report (FCOLI2020.xls)

Due to the precautions for the coronavirus, collection of samples for the Contact Recreation Bacteria Monitoring program was limited during April and May, 2020.

During the contact recreation season (April-October), ORSANCO monitors bacteria levels in six urban areas along the Ohio River. Samples are collected at upstream, downtown, and downstream locations in Cincinnati. Samples are also collected at upstream and downstream locations at the five other urban areas. Samples are analyzed for both fecal coliform and E. Coli bacteria.

Water User’s Bacteria Summary Data

The Water Users Data Summary contains data for the Ohio River water utilities and are combined with ORSANCO’s recreation season bacteria monitoring data.

Longitudinal Bacteria Data

Ohio River longitudinal bacteria surveys were completed as part of the Ohio River Watershed Pollutant Reduction Program. These surveys involved collecting samples for E. coli analysis approximately every five miles along the entire length of the Ohio River. Additional samples were also collected at the mouths of over 125 direct tributaries to the Ohio River.

For more information on Bacteria data, please contact Stacey Cochran.


Bacteria Data

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